Making process of ordinary glass mosaic in Foshan Victory

1. Glass mosaic is to open and cut the transparent flat glass into a certain specification of glass plate mechanically or manually. This is convenient for cutting into small particle shape or bottom printing color.

2. The glass plate shall be cleaned and dried first, and then the glass plate cut into a certain shape shall be printed with the desired color on the assembly line and dried again. Finally, the back cover shall be placed on the shelf to allow it to dry naturally and completely or in the drying room.

3. After the back cover color is dry, take it to the cutting machine and cut it into the particle size desired by the customer, such as 15 * 15mm, 23 * 23mm, 15 * 48mm, etc., and put the cut loose particles into the mold frame.

4. Put the mosaic of particles in the mold frame on the porcelain plate, and burn the open glass particles into arc edge shape at 780-800 in the kiln.

5. After the fired mosaic is manually and visually selected, the qualified particles are placed in the specific template, then the mesh is pasted on the back, and put into the dryer to closely stick the fiber mesh and mosaic particles together.

6. Finally, the finished products are packed in cartons. During the packaging period, each mosaic is checked again. The damaged particles must be replaced, and then wiped clean. Each layer is separated by a protective film. Our general specification of each mosaic is 300 * 300mm, with 11 pieces per box. Finally, it can be completed with solid wood pallet or plywood pallet.

Please see the following video for the specific production process,

Post time: Aug-30-2021