Ceramic Mosaic Industry in 2022 Off to a Difficult Start

The toughest start in decades. So far, the national ceramic production line kiln opening rate of 68%, Guangdong resumption rate of less than 50%. Followed by Hebei, Shandong all – line kiln. In addition to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising prices of fuels and raw materials such as natural gas, this year has had the toughest start to the year in recent decades.
Wuzhou Daily news, Guangxi Rattan county more than 80% of the ceramic production line ignition operation, this is very good.
“Ceramic information” news, because guangdong pottery enterprises open kiln rate roughly at about 50%, glaze shipments down more than 50%, some chemical raw material suppliers “warehouse burst”.
Ceramic industry news news, Gao ‘an coal prices began the year up 42%, March 9, to the plant coal price of 1600 yuan/ton, March 10 has risen to 1700 yuan/ton. So far this year gao ‘an to plant coal prices rose 500 yuan, or 42%.
On March 5, pottery enterprises in Zibo, Linyi and other places in Shandong province received notification from relevant departments, starting emergency control measures from 0:00 on March 7 to 24:00 on March 10, for which all pottery enterprises in Shandong province need to suspend production. As of March 7 morning, Shandong Zibo, Linyi pottery production lines are in production. From the notice issued by relevant departments around the kiln, the main purpose of the protection of air quality. In fact, the emergency production from the ignition after the resumption of production only in the past 14 days, and for part of the ignition later pottery enterprises, some manufacturers just out of bricks, and even manufacturers have not yet out of bricks. In addition, different from the previous production limit, the kiln of pottery enterprises in Shandong are in “fire extinguishing state”, to be re-ignited when production resumes. “On the face of it, even though production was only suspended for four days, the losses are not easy to estimate. One is the need to restart the production of fire temperature kiln; Second, although the production stopped, the raw materials of the mud pool still need to be stirred, and workers’ wages need to be paid, etc., which are a lot of losses.” There are local pottery enterprise head to confess.
10 lines in The Pangao ‘an production area quit the ceramic tile industry and turned to lithium electricity. According to a number of pottery enterprise boss, production manager revealed, in the month of pan Gao ‘an has 4 pottery enterprises 10 production lines and lithium industry listed enterprises signed a contract, completely quit the ceramic tile industry, these 4 pottery enterprises 10 production lines no longer do ceramic tile, has been or is changing to lithium production line. These 10 production lines involve 3 pieces of west tile, 3 pieces of antique, 2 pieces of glaze polishing, 1 piece of middle plate, and 1 piece of 750×1500 new line. It is reported that the cooperation with listed lithium enterprises is more in the form of leasing. The leasing cost of siwa line is about 8 million yuan per line, and the leasing cost of ceramic tile production line is about 10-12 million yuan per line according to the size of capacity. In the coming days, there may be another 10 ceramic tile production lines to be converted to lithium. At present, it has been learned that at least two ceramic companies are negotiating with listed lithium enterprises.
Mosaic factory due to the order before the year and after the opening of the customer’s warehouse inventory reduction orders, the operating rate is very high. Next, our main problem is the shortage of recruitment, which affects the delivery date. Still have international crude oil rises substantially, bring glass, chemical raw materials and so on rise and affect the sale price of Mosaic.

Post time: Mar-14-2022