The biggest difference between crystal mosaic and glass mosaic

Crystal mosaic is a mosaic of various styles and specifications made of high whiteness flat glass after high temperature reprocessing. Non toxic, non radioactive elements, alkali resistance, acid resistance, temperature resistance, wear resistance, waterproof, high hardness, no fading and so on. It can almost meet many strict requirements for decorative materials. At the same time, due to the special properties of glass, it is crystal clear, bright, bright and colorful, so it can fully show the beauty and elegance of glass art in decoration and produce rich three-dimensional vision under different day lighting effects. Hundreds of colors and specifications of different sizes such as square, rectangle, diamond, circle and special shape, as well as plane, curved surface, straight edge and round edge, can give full play to infinite beautiful combination space in design and modeling. Generally, we also call it high temperature glass mosaic.

Glass mosaic is also called glass subway tile or glass paper tile. It is a kind of small-sized colored decorative glass. Glass mosaic is made of natural minerals and glass powder. It is not only the safest building material, but also an outstanding environmental protection material. It is acid-base resistant, corrosion-resistant and colorfast. It is the most suitable building material for decorating the walls and floors of bathroom rooms. It is the smallest decoration material, and there are many possibilities of combination change: concrete patterns, jumping or transition of the same color system, or decorative patterns for ceramic tiles and other decorative materials, etc. It has the advantages of soft, simple, elegant, beautiful, chemical stability, good cold and heat stability and so on. Moreover, it has the characteristics of no discoloration, no dust accumulation, light bulk weight and firm bonding. It is mostly used for indoor local and balcony external decoration. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, blooming temperature, water resistance and acid resistance shall meet national standards. In the past, it was mostly used in swimming pools. It is a whole body mosaic. Now, dry pressed glass powder mosaic is also this kind, using recycled glass materials.

In the 21st century, mosaic processing technology mainly includes high temperature, cold spray, gold foil, laminated glass, electroplating, resin, etc., coupled with aluminum alloy, stainless steel metal, various stones, ceramics, sea shell etc. there is little difference between crystal mosaic and glass mosaic, which is mainly distinguished by processing technology. Diversified materials, specifications and processing technology can give full play to the imagination of designers and make our home decoration colorful.

Post time: Aug-28-2021