Victory Stone Mosaic Home Decoration New Trend 2022

There are two trends for home improvement in 2022: polished surfaces and neutral colors, geometric textures and a greater emphasis on simplicity and fashion. In the space design will be more focused on creating a simple and smooth sense of space. No matter be whole style or soft outfit and its collocation; strive to contracted, win with simple sense. Our stone Mosaic of Victory, whether it is visual feeling, graphic structure, or the overall effect, are consistent with the new trend. We can completely summarize the new trends of stone Mosaic in 2022 into two key words: “modern” and “fashion”.

No matter be Europe type or French, leave not the foil of stone material, and of Mosaic join more added a romantic feelings. The square that is rich geometrical feeling and hexagon combination form distinctive Mosaic, decorate a person at the moment as TV setting wall bright. Setting wall is a regular choice in the actual match, also can try out the collocation methods: combined with bookcase/wardrobe cabinets, ably to square + hexagonal blocks made of stone Mosaic to rice white content ark, can avoid float ash hollow out, also added a rare sense of simple design.

The wall of room corridor is a point that is ignored in the home outfit design normally, majority person won’t do a design especially, likelihood wall paint or wall paper ended. But often the more overlooked areas are more likely to become highlights, just as no palace walls will be bare of a single color or empty, how to achieve a big change with the help of small differences in the overall design? My answer is stone material Mosaic, can design is wall outside wall paint, joined the stone material Mosaic that forms by square + hexagonal again spell a flower, there is a warm light again on shallow ash creaminess, is this the feeling that you want?

Bathrooms and mosaics are a classic match, and for a long time, if your bathroom was not decorated with mosaics, it was not fashionable. Although design despise chain changed again now, but undoubtedly Mosaic and bathroom are always the most intimate relationship. Hazy mist, surging heat and a warm yellow to the eye, bathers might want to spend their whole lives in a bathtub…

The scene that we value the most, the one that’s easy to mash up, is not the living room, but the bedroom. As a private rest space, it is easy to fall into when decorate self choice of be fond of, may add some pink, like pink like black and then add some black, fear most is “I what all want to come in”, then you need is a “town lived a son” stone Mosaic wall, as the prince in the stone, the Mosaic of the eldest brother, there is a wall, No matter what element you want to use come in, won’t cover up the gentleness that drops design itself and elegance.

Our stone Mosaic and stone glass and metal design perfectly reflects the designer’s pursuit of modern and fashion trends.

Post time: Jan-04-2022