PANTONE color of the Year 2022

The colors PANTONE releases each year don’t come out of nowhere. They’re emblematic of the global zeitgeist and the shift that’s going on. From 2000 to 2020, PANTONE released blue as its color of the year five times. Confidence, boldness and curiosity are the key words for the 2022 PANTONE color of the year.

“Periwinkle blue” combines blues qualities with a fuchsia undertone, projecting a lively, jovial attitude and vibrant presence that encourages bold creativity and imaginative expression.

What is more special is that with the advent of the digital age, immersive experience is becoming increasingly popular, the concept of meta-universe is emerging and digital art space is quietly emerging. For PANTONE’s color of the year 2022, see the color changes brought about by “Changchun blue” in an immersive gallery.

Each year, PANTONE’s color of the year affects a wide range of areas, including clothing, makeup, packaging, home and interior design.

In the fashion field, “evergreen blue” can reveal a sense of the future. If applied to different materials, processing and texture, it will appear different feelings.

For beauty, ‘Periwinkle blue’ can express personal creativity and bold imagination, creating novel looks for eyes, nails and especially hair, from shiny ornate to pink and dull.

In addition, “Long Spring blue” can evoke a new modern sense, for interior design, household into a naughty fresh sense, through the unusual color combination lively space.

It applies to a series of different materials, quality of a material and processing, hold the role of bright color, no matter through the metope of paint, style furniture or household adornment is taken, or it is the focal point that grabs an eye as attractive in the design.

PANTONE also has thoughtful suggestions for designers to use periwinkle for three different moods.

1) BALANCING ACT To complement each other between warm and cool colors

Balancing Act is a complementary color series, with a natural balance of warm and cool colors that complement each other. The brilliance of ‘Periwinkles blue’ is enhanced in this cleverly calibrated palette, injecting vitality and dynamic visuals.

2) WELLSPRING  compatibility with natural tones

Wellspring is a harmonious blend of nature tones, green and mild “Periwinkle blue”.

The vibrant character of warm “Periwinkles blue” is evident in The Star of The Show collection, which revolves around classic and neutral colors. The essence of elegance and understated fashion conveys a timeless classic.

3) Amusements collection is full of fun and casual, embellished by “Periwinkles blue”, this sparkling hue exudes fun and encourages uninhibited creativity.

In fact, in the hotel, restaurant and other commercial space, also used a lot of and “Changchun blue” similar tone.

For example, in W Hotel Xiamen, there are many elements and “periwinkle blue” “clash color”.

TORO also combines Long spring colors, turquoise greens and mustard yellow with plants to create a delightful modern design.

Post time: Dec-16-2021