Mosaic industry respects patent intellectual property rights

An Italian company has settled a lawsuit against two Chinese companies. Spain’s Focuspiedra reports that Sicis, an Italian company known for its mosaics and design products, has won a civil lawsuit in China’s Guangdong Province court against Chinese company Rose Mosaic and its Beijing dealer Pebble for violating the author’s rights. In addition to recognising the copyright of Sicis and the award of compensation for the loss and substantial damages caused by the infringement, the court also ordered Rose Mosaic and Pebble to make a public apology in order to remove the infringing effect. Rose Mosaic and Pebble must publish an apology statement in the official media for 12 consecutive months and 24 consecutive months in the national and local newspapers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong provinces as well as in the national ceramic industry media, so as to eliminate the adverse impact of the infringement of copyright and unfair competition by the appeldent on SICIS.

When this news came out, the industry was full of emotions. I thought that the innovative factories in the industry had closed down one after another. Why? The reason is that there is not enough awareness of intellectual property rights. Innovative factories invest a lot of manpower and material resources to develop new products. However, copying factories just copy them without any design cost and the price must be low. In this way, no one is willing to innovate.

This news is a warning to our industry that those who copy will have to pay the money. Foshan Victory Mosaic should balance innovation and price in design and production. Can not because of innovation on the price is high, so that the copyist to take advantage of. So not only do we have to keep designing new products, but we also have to keep our prices competitive so that our customers can stay with us for a long time. 


Post time: Jul-08-2021