How to paste Victory glass mosaic

1、The paving surface shall be firm, clean and free of oil stain and wax stain. The used surface shall be cleaned and at least 80% of the original surface shall be exposed. The foundation layer must be leveled. Mosaic is different from ceramic tile. It is a plane. If part of the wall of the foundation layer is uneven or concave, the effect will be very ugly.

2、 In order to avoid scratching on the surface of the crystal mosaic during paving, the mosaic shall not rub with dust and other sundries.

3、 It is best to use tile adhesive or marble adhesive powder as the material for paving. The color of adhesive powder shall be white. The use of other color materials will affect the color of crystal mosaic. Professional mosaic adhesive is the best. Generally, the PH value is neutral. Do not paste with white cement or black cement. These alkaline and high PH values can corrode the bottom glaze of mosaic, especially gold foil mosaic. Mosaic may change color and fade for a long time. Moreover, the paste is not firm, and single particles will fall off for a long time, which is difficult to clean.

4、During construction, the white glue shall be applied to the wall first, and then the 6 * 6 toothed scraper shall be used to scrape it into uniform teeth, and then the glue shall be allowed to dry, and the crystal mosaic can be kneaded and pressed on it. Pay attention to the verticality during paving. If individual crystal mosaics are found to be skewed, they can be corrected by moving one by one before the glue solidifies.

5、When the ceramic tile glue is solidified for about 24 hours, the mosaic can be caulked. The gap of crystal mosaic can be filled with sealant of their own favorite color. During joint filling, the joint filler shall be completely pressed into the gap with a rubber mortar knife, and shall not be left blank. After the joint filling is completed, clean the mosaic surface with a wet towel or sponge immediately.

6、When the crystal mosaic needs to be cut, a high-quality diamond glass knife shall be used to cut on the glass surface.

7、When drilling on the crystal mosaic, special drilling tools shall be used, and water shall be added for cooling during drilling.

8、In order to ensure that the crystal mosaic is bright and crystal, you can’t use the detergent with abrasive, steel wire brush and sandpaper for cleaning. You can use household window cleaning products for cleaning.

Post time: Sep-09-2021