How to construct the 3D hexagonal aluminum Mosaic project

Now the metal Mosaic is more and more popular, its unique creativity to people’s visual impact, and the feeling of metal Mosaic is also very good, low-key revealed luxury, modeling and creativity are also leading the trend of fashion.

How did our company construct the Aluminum Mosaic 3D Hexagon Mosaic Tile Item VS7701?

Metal Mosaic, is a special Mosaic made of different metal materials, there are two smooth and matte surface. Having metallic burnish and simple sense, avant-garde individual character, the material of metallic Mosaic gives a person clean and concise visual feeling originally, and still do not break strange luxuriant feeling. Now people chooses ceramic tile of metal Mosaic mostly, ceramic tile of metal Mosaic is ground and metope adornment use more adornment building materials. The size of metal Mosaic also has many styles, we according to different needs to choose the appropriate size of metal Mosaic.

1. Ensure that aluminum alloy, stainless steel grain direction is correct. Otherwise, the metal Mosaic will show refractive error.

2. Installation must be clean and smooth.

3. Apply the adhesive with a straight edge grey knife. No more than 15 square feet at a time.

4. Wipe the adhesive with a toothed gray knife. Press down so that the cutter teeth are in contact with the mounting surface to ensure uniform adhesive thickness.

Detailed explanation of construction technology of metal Mosaic

5. Let the metal Mosaic and installation surface bonding for 24 hours.

6. Cure with professional sealant for 15 minutes.

7. Clean the metal Mosaic, remove stains.

8. Spray metal mosaics with a thin layer of clear varnish (available at all building hardware stores).

Mosaic in architecture is composed of some metal, stone or glass combination of some beautiful pictures and creative patterns, now Mosaic with its unique modeling advantages are particularly widely used.

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Post time: Aug-17-2021