Five trends of Ceramic brands in Guangzhou Design Week 2021

The 2021 Guangzhou Design Week kicked off on Dec. 9. According to observation, the ceramic and porcelain brand that participates on this design week presented the following trend: 1, from the point of view on specification, conventional ceramic tile product is basic “extinct”, what show is ceramic tile product of large specification. 2, from the perspective of color, “plain” color is popular, especially plain micro cement is more popular. The overall display is based on simple but elegant, elegant colors. 3, from the point of view of technology, digital glaze, digital mold, carved ink and other superimposed process effect is prominent. With “texture” as the muscle base, superimposed fine technology, the product touch has become one of the outstanding selling points. 4, customization and service highlight. The original custom products become the focus of the show. In addition to customized services, some ceramic brands deliberately highlight the display of services, such as close seam shop paste, assembly type construction display, the future fine service will become one of the key points of brand competition. 5, show the product of the enterprise is less and less, the enterprise show more attention to artistic conception, pay attention to want to spread culture, taste, spiritual level.

We in the Mosaic industry can learn from experience in design, manufacturing and service. In recent years, the rapid improvement of the design and production level of domestic enterprises, so that its influence on the foreign market is also increasing. Strong learning and imitation ability is an important factor to promote the rapid development of domestic Mosaic enterprises. Domestic enterprises usually start from imitating foreign countries in product design, pay attention to learning foreign design experience and styles, and even strengthen the understanding of customs, cultural customs and aesthetic concepts of different foreign regions, in order to quickly integrate into the market and be accepted by customers. It can be said that the foreign market is the enlightenment teacher of domestic Mosaic enterprises, watering and witnessing the rapid growth of China’s Mosaic industry. Compared with foreign enterprises, domestic Mosaic enterprises need to improve the ability of independent originality in design.

Post time: Dec-10-2021