Chinese and Foreign Ceramic Enterprises Ice and Fire Double Heaven

Shares in several Taowei listed companies fell below their offer prices or hit record lows.
This week, the stock market continued to adjust to the impact of the broader market, with the Shanghai Composite index falling below 3,100 points in intraday trading on March 15. Tao Wei related listed companies share prices are varying degrees of decline. Most of the 14 listed companies listed on the pottery News index saw their share prices continue to fall from Monday until intraday on March 16, when they recovered. Among them, Mona Lisa, Dongpeng holdings, Diou Home, Tian ‘an new material, Four shares, seagull living, Huida sanitary ware, Jianlin home, Rui Erte and other 9 companies this week at the lowest price below the issue price. In addition, Dongpeng Holdings, Diou Home, Jianlin Home, Songlin home and other 4 companies, this week’s lowest prices were 9 yuan/share, 10.03 yuan/share, 11.45 yuan/share, 13.91 yuan/share, a record low. By the close of Trading on March 16, 14 companies had seen their share prices rise, followed by Magmet (+9.98%), Dow Technologies (+ 6.58%) and Koda Manufacturing (+ 4.63%).
2021 annual report of overseas ceramic tile listed companies: overall sales increase, half of the company’s net profit doubled.
According to the list of 25 Ceramic tile manufacturers (excluding China) according to the statistics of 2020 Ceramic World Review by China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association, there are 13 major Ceramic tile manufacturers excluding the unlisted companies. The main financial data of overseas listed companies in 2021 generally show the following characteristics: 1. There are 13 listed companies, including 1 from North America, 8 from Asia, 4 from Central and South America, and 1 from Europe. 2. In 2021, the total sales of all listed enterprises will increase to varying degrees compared with 2020, except for the slight decrease of The sales of KAJARIA CERAMICS and DYNASTY CERAMIC of India. Among them, The Lamosa Group of Mexico will increase by 40%. 3. Compared with sales, the overall growth rate of net profits of listed companies is nearly or even more than 100%. Considering the comparison of annual and fiscal data of SOMANY CERAMICS from India, Orient Bell and INTERCERAMIC from Mexico, Seven companies doubled their net profits.

Post time: Mar-21-2022