Ceramic Enterprises Have Been Converted to Produce Lithium Electric Materials

Recently, Jiangxi production area has Gao Anhuanbao ceramics, Jiangxi Sun ceramics (high-tech branch factory), Jiangxi Henghui ceramics and other 3 ceramic enterprises 5 ceramic production line upgrade lithium slag blank production line technical reform project through the record. Lithium production of ceramic enterprises ushered in a boom. Date, jiangxi region a total of 16 ceramic enterprise, 35 production line project through the record of examination and approval, manufacture of li-ion battery materials general atlas treasure pottery and porcelain, porcelain ceramics, pottery, rui fu auspicious Gao Anbo 16 ceramic enterprises, investment amount exceeds 780 million yuan, based on the original ceramic tile production line, the manufacture of blank “” lithium slag” li-ion battery materials “” lithium slag powder”.
Ceramic production line technical reform to reduce the capacity of the industry, reasonably optimize the market competition pattern. In 2021, China’s ceramic brick production reached 8.9 billion square meters, with the entire ceramic industry showing overcapacity and oversupply. China has the largest ceramic brick production capacity in the world, leading the world in the research and development, production, design and application of ceramic products. In the situation of excess capacity, Tao enterprises actively transform the production of lithium electricity, looking for a transformation way out, can effectively achieve the vision of capacity reduction and stable supply. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, more than 400 ceramics factories and more than 500 production lines were eliminated. The technological transformation of ceramic production lines is expected to accelerate the market clearing and improve the market share of leading enterprises. Under the guidance of policy constraints and enterprise strategy, the production line of lithium electricity is less likely to resume production of ceramics. The current situation of overcapacity in the ceramic industry will be improved, and the trend of leading concentration will be more significant.
Weak demand superimposed cost pressure, traditional ceramic enterprises under pressure to break. In the first half of the year, affected by multiple factors such as real estate malaise, repeated epidemic and rising prices of bulk materials, traditional ceramic enterprises have smaller profit margins. Since 2022, 27 ceramics enterprises have gone bankrupt and 39 ceramics enterprises’ assets have been auctioned, with more than 100 property, land, machinery and equipment assets, and the total estimated amount of the subject matter is about 1.421 billion yuan. Facing the adversity of survival, Jiangxi, as the largest ceramic producing area in China, its domestic enterprises have sought for transformation. Relying on the advantages of local resources, Jiangxi ceramics enterprises have successively completed technical transformation to produce lithium electricity, and the number of conversion production lines is close to 20% of the total production lines in Gao ‘an production area.
Lithium downstream demand is strong, the future market prospects are broad. With the implementation of the national double carbon policy, the concept of sustainable development has gradually deepened. Lithium resources are known as “white oil”, which has a wide range of applications and a large potential market increment. The development of new energy vehicles and new materials industry has entered a period of rapid growth, which will significantly boost the demand for lithium. Benefiting from the two-way benefits of policies and markets, lithium power business enjoys considerable profits and huge development potential. The behavior of the transformation of the production of lithium electricity is expected to help the performance growth in the future, and promote the long-term development of the enterprise itself.
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Post time: Sep-20-2022