Freight is expensive and shipment is difficult

Southeast Asia and other countries are the largest target markets for China’s ceramic tiles exports. However many senior people in the industry believe that the current epidemic in the Southeast Asian market is serious, and China’s ceramic tiles export will face more severe challenges in the second half of the year. It is understood that since this year, the global container shipping price has risen all the way. Many ceramic traders revealed that taking a 20 foot container as an example, it can hold 27 tons of ceramic tiles, for example 800× 800mm full polished glazed tiles, then it can hold about 1075 square meters. According to the current sea freight, the sea freight per square meter has far exceeded the unit price of ceramic tiles. In addition, the repeated epidemic situation makes foreign ports inefficient, resulting in serious congestion, delay in shipping schedule, and the weather changes in the overseas market at any time. It is likely that the goods sent are still floating at sea, the local port has been closed, or no one takes delivery after arriving at the port.

Today, the mosaic industry is still relatively normal. Due to the high value of the whole container, the main destination areas are Europe, North and South America, and the consumption capacity is still relatively strong. However, the increase of raw materials is indeed worthy of caution. Now glass raw materials have increased by more than twice over the same period last year. The profits of mosaic factories are handed over to glass, stone and other material factories. Many small factories without independent development capacity closed down. The bitter winter came ahead of schedule.

Post time: Aug-26-2021